Old Man Blues

Back in ancient times, when ice was colder, fire was hotter and drink was stronger (and cheaper) than it is now — yes, the 1970s — I played drums in a fusion jazz band in Los Angeles.  Did some really fun gigs at celebrated clubs like The Troubadour and The Whiskey-A-Go-Go.

Always felt pretty comfortable playing live behind the drum kit, but it was just duanting to get up and play guitar and sing recently at The Star Club in Bellingham.

Practiced so long into the wee dark hours, I blew out my voice!  Required a couple of cognacs to steady the nerves and resuscitate some of the vocal cords.  Truly made a mess of it, but still good to make that happen, eh?


  • Chad Petersen
    Posted at Wed, 2014-10-1 1:34 Reply


    Bravo Stephan ! Nicely done. Rhythm and tone.

    ~ Chad

    • NM Smith
      Posted at Sun, 2014-10-5 7:10 Reply

      F@#kin’ great, man.

      That was f@#kin' great, man. Where's the rest? That guitar has a sweet sound and you play it well. Groovy 70s Brit folk voice too.

      • Stephan
        Posted at Sun, 2014-10-5 7:17 Reply

        Thanks. You’re very kind. Very sympathetic.

  • Danny Briere
    Posted at Thu, 2014-10-2 8:49 Reply

    Que Huevos

    Congratulations. Takes huevos to get up there…

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