It's Hardly Black and White
It's Hardly Black and White - LA Times
Los Angeles Times
Gateway Pacific Terminal
Seattle Times
An Old Beau
An Old Beau - Modern Arabian Horse - Jan 2009
Modern Arabian Horse Magazine

A champion, a healer

Beer & Loathing
Beer & Loathing - All About Beer - Sept. '09
All About Beer Magazine



Canada's Seal Hunt
 Canada's Seal Hunt - Seattle Times
Seattle Times
Exporting Pollutants
Counterpunch - Clapton Plugs In
Eric Clapton and The Grammys
Los Angeles Times
The Lord of The Rings
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Chapter from NY Times Best-Seller on Movies


Home Is Where The Heat Is
Billboard Magazine



Pop Critic's Out Of Touch...
Los Angeles Times
Wall Street
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Before anybody ever said "corporations are people."

Two Bow Makers
Peninsula Life Magazine



The Making of ET
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Ah, the year was 1982...

No Happy Ending
Los Angeles Times
To Be Direct
Pennsula Daily News

Direct to Market Agriculture

The Waterfront
Cascadia Weekly

One-two punch from editor and writer.

Beers Gone Wild!
Beer Northwest

The Strange Brewfest 

Was He Already Home?
Peninsula Daily News

A remembrance...