Moon Dance

I was really tired. I didn't think I had either the energy to drag my aging buttocks out of bed or the photographic skill to get the shot I envisioned.  My first attempt at shooting the 'Supermoon' was a complete disaster. 

 I was able to hold the camera fairly steady — no tripod here, babe — but left the shutter open too long and all I got was a bright white wafer dangling in the night sky. 

This was taken on July 13, 2014 at 3:40-am, again with just a monopod, an old digital SLR and a commercial zoom.  Not too shabby, eh? 





I finally found the time to sit down and go over the site, and I cried over Luna's not-happy ending. :( This picture, also, is extremely gorgeous! You're a fantastic photographer; great skill.  And I don't think you're too old or tired for anything you really want to do!  :D 

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