On The Waterfront Plan

See this fine one-two punch, first from editor Tim Johnson and then by 'your humble narrator' in the vaunted pages of the Cascadia Weekly.


Update 12/9/2013

Three consecutive meetings of the Bellingham City Council.  Three consecutive votes.  The council passed the waterfront master plan by 6-1. Ironically, all the council members concede that  the plan is terribly flawed. 

Many in the community tried to steer the waterfont in a healthier, more economically sound direction.  We lost.  Sadly, among numerous concessions, the city and Mayor Kelli Lintville have agreed to shell out nearly 200-million dollars in subsidizies for infratsructure, normally shouldered by the master developer. 

How many layers of LLCs will have to be peeled back before we know who is actually behind the waterfront development? 






Thanks for this awareness

Thanks for this awareness raising article. Your assessment clearly highlights ways to restore and preserve our environment, while promoting commerce, education and a healthy lifestyle for humans and other living beings.

John Greer

Down To Earth

A down-to-earth portrayal of what most of us engaged in Whatcom-Bellingham politics probably think and feel. It ends with an optimistic and practical vision, and a simple solution:  don't be short-sighted and greedy. But what goes on behind closed doors...

- JS Cline

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