Calling Governor Inslee... and all the ships at sea

Collaborative writing can be tricky, but this one turned out okay.  Marine consultant Fred Felleman and I co-wrote this piece published in Crosscut. 

Felleman lived up to his reputation and delivered the cargo!  See the full piece here.




plutocrats ship coal

There are already too many of these massive freighters going back and forth from the refinery and Intalco Aluminum plant at Cherry Point. Just stand on the tip of Lummi Island and watch them go by every single day, several times a day. Imagine 450 more chugging past the narrow gap between Orcas and Lummi every year, or the other direction--through the Haro Straits (where the Orcas have one of their main routes). We're screwed, people, if we let these plutocrats ship coal to China.

It's simple: Goldman Sachs owns the coal, the port and the ships. Warren Buffet owns the BNSF railroad, the coal, and part of Goldman Sachs. They both have partial ownership of the factories in China that will burn the coal. They're all colluding to make the filthy lucre that means so much to them. These people don't give a rat's ass about our health or the health of the planet. They've got their piece of the pie. Let everyone else die. It's all about money. And the little guys will suffer from their rapacious greed. — NMS

iPods and iPhones and iPads

How about doing something about the bulk cargo carriers that bring iPods and iPhones and iPads from China, and the ones that bring Nissan LEAFs from Japan? Oh, but wait! A "progressive" and his toys cannot be separated!

— NotFan

Enviro Journalism Today

Great article, glad to find you on Too much of mainstream journalism these days is getting bought out.

For example:

— Gaythia

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